No more flailing hands, clicking fingers or customers waiting to be served.
Empower your team and customers with FETCH.

FETCH’s Online Ordering System For Your Restaurant

We live in a digital-first world where your customers expect a seamless experience.  In a competitive industry like hospitality, you need the right tools to help deliver that experience.  With our online ordering system, FETCH can enable you and your team to increase sales and reduce overheads without delay.

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Key Features

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Staff Tips

Don't let your staff miss out on tips! The FETCH App encourages customers to add tips to their bills.

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Timed Offers

Target the lunchtime rush, offer happy hour deals, or craft customer-modifiable Sunday brunch menus.

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We removed the need for customers to pay every time they order. When they leave your restaurant, their card is automatically debited.

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Give your customers the same level of freedom they have when paying at the counter. 


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Increase Your Average Order Value

Average order values are 30% higher through mobile ordering. 

How Table Ordering Works


Open an account in minutes and build your digital menu by simply uploading your menu from a spreadsheet.


Your customers tap their mobile phones on the table talker and the menu page opens. They can now order and pay at the table. This reduces wait times and minimises unnecessary contact.


Your staff receive orders straight to a smartphone or tablet through FETCH Pro or directly to your ePOS system.


When your customer’s order is ready your team deliver the order from the kitchen as normal.

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How FETCH benefits your customers


No more flagging down busy waitstaff to see the dessert menu. Knowing that the order is going straight to the kitchen means your customers will enjoy more drinks, coffee and dessert.


No QR codes. No Apps to download. No mobile websites to navigate through. No explaining how everything works! Just tap, order, and pay!


You’re going to have to cater to all sorts of customers post-COVID. With contactless orders and payments, everyone will feel looked after and at ease.


All credit cards, Apple Pay, and Google Pay are accepted.


How FETCH benefits you

Reduce your Costs:

Do more with less by completely removing the “administrative” tasks your waitstaff do every shift. We have seen over 1 hour saved per shift by not having to take orders, prepare the check and handle payments. 

Increase your Revenue:

Reducing wait times by allowing customers to order and pay as soon as they are ready can save 15-20 minutes. This expands your seating capacity by over 30%.

Focus on What You Do Best:

FETCH frees up your team to make your guests feel right at home. 

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Not married to your ePOS? You can use FETCH Pro for staff on a smartphone or tablet and start managing orders in minutes. Staff can then serve your customers more efficiently.


Full ePOS Integration

Love your ePOS? FETCH can integrate seamlessly with your ePOS system and receive orders straight to your till. Our team is here to help every step of the way. Sign up today and we will handle the set-up for you for free.

Frequently Asked Questions


Actually, by removing the element of taking orders/payments staff will have more time to engage with customers to ensure they are having a good time.

They can continue ordering the traditional way, through a member of staff.

Yes, the process of showing a customer to the table is still managed by you. If the kitchen is busy the 'busy time' mode can be turned on so customers know it will take longer than usual for their order to arrive.

You have full flexibility to manage your stock and changes will immediately show on FETCH.

It keeps them COVID safe for a start. This will also keep customers safe. Your staff will be able to focus more on what they are good at – service. FETCH removes the basic tasks of bringing a menu, taking an order, bringing the bill, bringing the payment terminal that nobody wants to touch, and sorting payment. 

We have both options – either receive orders on your own device or we can look at integration.

Yes! We have timed menu functionality, and also timed offer functionality.

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One Platform, Multiple Solutions


Table Ordering

Using the latest Apple & Android technology combined with geolocation FETCH makes ordering in venues speedy and efficient. 

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Click & Collect

Target the lunchtime rush, offer happy hour deals, or craft customer-modifiable Sunday brunch menus.